Top 10 DIY Strawberry Planters

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So as I continue on my mission to squeeze more into my small garden while testing Andy’s (my dutiful boyfriend with a hammer) patience with all the things I ask him to build I have decided my next funky planter request will be…. (drum roll please)… STRAWBERRIES!

One of my favourite fruits and suited perfectly to British climate I have grown strawberries “normally” (or in the ground) for ages but have always been aware of people growing them in all sorts of unusual ways!

So I am going to share my research with you and hopefully inspire you to set up your own strawberry growing patch (or pipe, or rack. Whichever takes your fancy).

For those of you out there who really don’t feel like getting crafty (although some of these DIYs really are super easy), there is a whole host of planters you can buy (like the ones below) that will fit any weirdly shaped space you have going spare.

1. Pallet Box


Lovely Greens have published a brilliantly detailed instructable on how to make one of your own strawberry planters (just like the charming one above) out of nothing more than the almighty (and upcycled) wooden pallet.

Simply fill use a straw mulch to grow strawberries everywhere or opt for soil and companion plant something different like lettuce on top.

2. Verticle Planters

vertical PVC planter
Wooden Vertical Planter

You can recycle so many things into a vertical planter! Spare PVC piping like the DIY article from Urban Green Space makes a great easy material to start with. 

Or if you’re a bit more crafty you could push yourself to make something more permanent from wood like this elegant wooden pallet version.

3. Ladder Style

ladder planter
ladder style planter

If you have an old ladder and some rectangle planters lying around then HUROAH you don’t even need to do anything but rearrange them!

If you don’t have a ladder or just fancy trying your hand at building one so you can make it the perfect size and shape then there is a brilliant instructable over at Ana White.

4. Hanging Baskets

strawberry_in_hanging _basket

You can grow loads of different fruits and veg in a hanging basket (anything that has shallow roots will do well in them) but they are really good for strawberries!

This is a detailed walk-through from Gardeners World but it is easy peasy and definitely worth giving a go. I have tried this method this year so you can see my strawberry hangers grow yourself!

5. Stacked Pots


This really simple DIY from A Piece of Rainbow shows just how easy it can be to create a planter with things you have lying around.

They used five gallon planters but you could also upcycle old buckets or containers. Simply drill drainage holes at the bottom and bigger holes on the side for your strawberry plants.

6. guttering

lettuce in gutter

Attaching old or spare guttering to your fence is both a great decoration and a place to grow strawberries (or lettuce) without taking up any floor space!

There is a really detailed walkthrough you can find courtesy of SF Gate Home Guides that will explain exactly how to make your own.

7. Pyramid Planters

Pyramid Planter

This one requires a little bit of DIY know how but uses my favourite upcycing ingredient … Pallets! So I had to mention it.

That and because it looks pretty and could be filled with a massive variety of plants that will spill over the ages. The DIY from the Owner Builder Network is easy to follow and you can be rest assured the final result will look stunning in any garden space.

8. up cycle baskets

hanging baskets

You can re-purpose pretty much anything into a hanging planter! These baskets are hung up using metal hoops so minimal drilling into the wall is required. Perfect for those rented gardens! Not only good for strawberries these baskets could be used for herbs or other shallow rooted plants

10. skip the diy

If you really don’t want to build something or need a quick solution then don’t worry there are loads of different planters out there perfect for strawberries. The selection above* is just the tip of the iceberg! 

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our article and that it has inspired you to turn your green hands to a new challenge. 

We’ll keep updating our site with more information, ideas and tips to grow the blog into a truly great resource and we need you to grow with us! Send us a photo of your small garden, or of any of your favourite plots; we’d love to feature you on our site. You can either comment below, email us at, or you could subscribe to any of our social media channels for updates (or to updates us)!

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