The Complete Permactulture Guide

An Introduction

Ahh permaculture one of my favourite topics to talk and learn about.

What is it?

Why should we do it?

How could it be better than traditional gardening?

Well if you’re asking those questions you are in the right place. So many things fall within the brackets of permaculture I could never cover them all in one post. So I didn’t. I’ve created this bumper guide chock full of information to de-mystify the world of permaculture for even the most novice gardener. 

Based on an idea that sprung up in the 1970s as a reaction to food shortages and oil scares, in a nutshell, permaculture is a collection of ideas and practices themed around a desire for self-reliance. This means you can practice permaculture as little or as much as you want and you are probably already doing some things that are central to permaculture without realising. When permaculture ideas are applied to gardening it’s easy to see how food can be grown almost anywhere and by mimicking nature you can get high yields with less effort.

That’s the thing you need to get your head around, permaculture is less about following a strict set of rules and more about your mindset or way of thinking. I know it all sounds very hippie-dippie and a bit philosophical for gardening but honestly once I started to change the way I thought about food and growing, my garden became one very well stocked and free (at least it feels free when you harvest) supermarket. By working with nature, not against it you can help both yourself and the planet! Awesome right!

This complete permaculture guide is exactly what it says on the tin so it covers a lot! From planning your garden and preparing the soil, to planting, right up to harvesting and cooking all your lovely fruits and veggies. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to read it all now. This is supposed to be a helpful friend you can call on whenever you need some advice on your journey with permaculture. And I will be adding to it any time I come across any new ideas!


What is permaculture?

Planning A permaculture Garden

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– zones and sections

An Introduction

From planning to plate the Complete Guide to Permaculture will be your friendly helping hand to each step of your journey to growing success.




There is a list of contents below that will take you to each article in the guide and you can even download the whole things in beautiful PDF format.

These articles are designed to be as useful as possible, meaning no matter your learning style, time commitments, or money and space available, there will be something in here for you.

Make sure to save this page so you can come back at different steps in your journey to growing success. Without further ado get a comfy spot and a bru (something to take notes with might be good as well) hit the big button below to move on and read till your heart’s content.