How To Grow Peas

Peas please! Follow our guide and before long you should have all the info you need to grow peas. These sweet green little veg gems are perfectly versatile and once you try them fresh it will be hard to return to the frozen variety. They are also really easy to grow and will fit into small spaces using pots or even hanging baskets! 

Quick Guide


Very Hardy
Sunny Spot
Water Very Well


 Peas are grouped depending when they are ready. Early, second early and main-crop varieties. Some early crops can be ready just 12 weeks after sowing. 

There are also shelling peas that require popping out of their pods which are then thrown away (or on the compost) and edible podding variety. These peas are harvested before they are fully mature and the pods are edible.   


This main-crop pea may take a little longer than others to grow but it’s worth it. You will be awarded with a large harvest of big deep green peas ready to be shelled and gobbled up.

Sugar Ann

A small sugar snap pea perfect for containers they are ready to harvest from June one of the first peas ready to be picked. 


The lengthy harvesting period of this main-crop, from July – September will provide you with all the peas you will need!

Feltham first

One of the earliest shelled peas this super hardy variety have a good flavour and are great for cooking.


Sow your pea seeds in an open but sunny position (peas actually prefer it a little colder). Soil drainage is important and you should never sow in wet conditions. Peas prefer it a bit alkaline so try and not use too much manure or peat as your compost base. Container gardening is a good fit for peas but try and keep your potting mix light and with good drainage using sand or fine gravel. Peas don’t really like being moved so sow your peas where they will have room to continue to grow!



  • All varieties can be sown from March to June
  • Earlies will be ready to harvest 11 to 13 weeks after sowing
  • Second earlies take about 14 weeks
  • Main-crops need up to 16 weeks


  • Grow in a sunny spot but open spot will help keep your peas cool
  • Sow in pots or straight into the ground 5cm deep leaving at least 25cm between plants, seedlings don't often survive transport so it's best to plant them where they will stay
  • Sowing in lengths of guttering and allowing the peas to hang over can be a great idea if you are short on space
  • Your peas will need support from trellis or stakes unless grown in a hanging basket or gutter

companion planting

Peas are a great companion plant and you can grow peas brilliantly with a number of different plants. Tomatoes and cucumbers are a good companion plant as they can be trained against the same support. Root vegetables such as carrots and radishes will also work as a natural mulch around the base of your pea plants as will shallow rooted plants like borage and lettuce.

Members of the Allium family such as onions, garlic and chives should be avoided as they will stunt the growth of you peas.  


  • Peas are very hardy and apart from making sure they soil doesn't dry out they shouldn't require much care
  • Apart from tidying up or harvesting very little pruning is needed


Making sure you pick your peas as soon as they are ready when the shells are still shiny will ensure you get the best taste! Regularly harvesting will also make sure your plant stays productive. Each variety will have a size and shape described on the packet detailing when they are good to harvest.

Simply twist the pods from the plant and shell the peas from the pod if necessary. 


Once harvested peas will last a few days in the fridge. You can also freeze them or dry them to use in cooking later on in the year.


So now you should be ready to get growing peas in your garden!

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