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Roots of our Labour

Roots of our Labour was Launched in 2019 to become a one-site, one-stop community and knowledge-bank for those interested in the outdoors, sustainable living, permaculture and reducing their carbon footprint. Discover our hang out, featuring tips and tricks on all things sustainable from all around the world, for all around the world.

If you enjoy the great outdoors, are looking to live more sustainably, want to inherit some greener fingers or simply learn about how we can change our world fr the better, then let our blog be your home away from your homepage!

You’ll get inspiration to help your garden flourish, tricks to turn your trash into something flash and a wealth of resources to aid your endeavours in all things eco. Whether you are wanting to become an off-grid guru or just want to live your life in a more sustainable way there will be something for you here. Our News section will always have the hottest new ideas and happenings we have stumbled upon.

Our Garden section covers everything you need to grow the food you eat. With info for fresh yields all year round and containing guidance to grow, sow and show. Each chapter containing in-depth step-by-step guidance to nurture the nature just outside your backdoor. For those of you looking for more household changes to make check out our Living & Home section and for all you nomads and travellers be sure to read our Adventure articles. 

Our Roots

Our team is myself; Andy, my partner Maisie and our dog Kiwi Maisie recently achieved her MSc in Wildlife Conservation and Ecology and is a published scientific author due to her work in conservation genetics. She’s also worked on conservation projects across Kenya, Brazil and Costa Rica and is a font of knowledge for anything sustainable. 

Myself, I’m your average joe with a passion for the environment, writing and but both being from academic backgrounds means the thirst to learn never quite subsides and we’ve subsequently attended courses and lectures regarding permaculture, green technology and agriculture.

As activists, submitting to the 9-5 working day has been toilsome and we’re reluctant to let our days’ work end there. We live in a terraced house with limited space so making the most out of what we had was paramount for the lifestyle we yearn to lead. 

As any, we dream of owning our land, of an enormous forest garden to forage and tend to at our will, but right now that is unrealistic. We’ve applied for local allotments in order to grow more of our food, though we’re still on a waiting list, so we turned our attention to the space we had and we’ve been surprised by just how far it can be pushed. This blog to not only grow our own food and live a more sustainable life, but grow ourselves along the way.

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So, we’ve started this guide as a homage to ourselves and others like us; how to start on the long road to becoming self-sustainable while loving and protecting the planet, regardless of the ‘where you are and what you have’ argument.

Let's start
your journey!

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